What subjects are available?
The full range of k-12 subjects are available
Live Lessons
Our courses are a combination of live and pre-recorded lessons. Live lessons are created by our certified and experienced teaching staff. Live lessons are limited in size to accommodate questions.
Pre-recorded lessons
Our pre-recorded lessons are created by our certified and experienced teaching staff. You will receive further information when you sign up for your course.
What if I need help with the course content?
Each course has a link to a tutor who is available, 24/7. If they cannot help you, please email your course instructor.
I asked for a course, but it came back that it is busy, what’s going on?
Availabilities depend upon the availability of our Teachers. For example, if you want help with Anthropology. You would select the subject, then our system searches for a Teacher that is available. Though we are adding more and more Teachers, we have strict requirements and hence we cannot guarantee that a course will be available.
What are the IT requirements?
A laptop, device, and internet connection.
What do I do if I have a technical problem?
Our focus is on the quality of instruction and the curriculum, we hire others to handle the IT side. If you have an IT problem, please follow the suggestions found at this link (technical support). If this does not work, please let us know.
What if I have to cancel my course?
Keep in mind, you have up to one year to complete a course. Should you still need to cancel a fee equal to 50% of the course tuition will be assessed.
How do I get started?
Please start by selecting a course which can be found by clicking on this link: courses. You will receive a confirmation email after booking a course.
How much does a course cost?
Tuition Fees are identified on the sign-up page for each course.
What if I have a complaint?
We are sorry you are not satisfied, but if you have a complaint against a Teacher, please send us an email with a description of the problem. We will review the lesson, contact you with and take the appropriate steps required.
Do you provide a tutoring service?
If you require additional support, please take a look at our sister site, www.v-tutors.com . At v-tutors we provide access to certified teachers, university students and other professionals that have a speciality in a discipline. Full details can be found at www.v-tutors.com.
Do you have a day school?
Day, boarding school and camp options are available, please see our parent site, www.ecole-isa.ch.