Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  1. The parent/guardian must go to our registration page where they will create their account and will set up separate usernames/login credentials for all students that they wish to register.
  2. The parent/guardian and any registered students will receive an email confirming membership is active. They can now log in to see all account activity and information.
  3. The parent/guardian can now log into their account, go to the Courses page, and purchase the desired course(s). Note that if you want to purchase courses for different students, this must be done separately. In addition, students cannot purchase courses from their accounts.
  4. Parents/guardians will then receive confirmation of their order. Once payment has been processed, they will receive an invoice and another confirmation email with information regarding steps to take in order for students to start their course(s).


What subjects are available?

Please see our main Courses page for a list of available courses.

How much contact will I have with my teacher?

You will meet with your teacher at a minimum once a month. You can also email your teacher at any time.

Will I have access to pre-recorded lessons?

Our pre-recorded lessons are created by our certified and experienced teaching staff. You will receive further information when you sign up for your course.

What are the IT requirements?

A laptop or desktop with internet connection. You may also need the ability to scan or take a photo for your work to share with your teacher.

What if I have to cancel my course?

V-Teachers, cannot issue a refund. Students can, however, request in writing within 14 days of their initial registration a transfer to another available course. This is dependent upon the student having the prerequisite for the replacement course..

How much does a course cost?

Are you an Online High School?

How do my online courses count towards my Ontario High School diploma?

Can you guarantee an earned credit?

Tuition fees are identified on the sign-up page for each course.

Yes, we are an online High School providing High School credits towards the Ontario OSSD.

You need to provide your home school’s contact information and we send them a notification once you complete your online learning.

No. V-Teachers is unequivocally not a diploma mill.

Our Senior Leadership Team has decades of experience in education. We have reviewed the Ontario curriculum, the assessments, final exams and student lessons to ensure that all aspects are focused on helping students do well. We provide Ontario certified teachers, plus tips on how to do well at school. We use a proprietary pedagogy that was developed with improved academic outcomes as the main objective. We provide students with multiple opportunities to improve themselves.

We cannot, however, force students to put in the effort. Students will have to find that personal determination. We will be there when he/she/they struggle, but the student must want to succeed. Despite all that we do and the program we offer, there is no substitute for effort and hard work.

In sum, if you are hoping to buy a grade (and this exists), please go elsewhere.