Final Exam Procedures

The final step in earning your Ontario High School credit via our online learning course is to write your final exam. We have arrangements with multiple institutions across the globe for our students to write their exams in a proctored setting. There is a fee for this service which varies according to the location. The fee must be paid in advance.

If you are unable to go to one of these centers, you can apply to have your Final Exam proctored by a professional replacement. A professional replacement would include a certified teacher, professor, a lawyer, accountant, doctor and/or nurse. Applicants to be a proctor must provide an authentic email address and sign a care and responsibility form. The care and responsibility form outlines the duties and expectations of a proctor to ensure the security and integrity of the exam.

The proctor cannot be related and/or personally affiliated with the student. A background check of the professional replacement is undertaken. Any conflicts of interst that arise may prevent you from succesully completng oyur online course. It is very important that you select this individual with care.

For further details regarding examination policies, please contact your course teacher and/or speak with your academic counselor.